10 Things to Do in March

By Barbara Evangelista, Publisher March 1, 2018

It's March already!  This month is so changeable; warm days followed by snow and howling wind.  Get your head in the spring game with this list of things to do in March.   

1. Clean out the kids' closets and make a list of what you need. If you consign your kids' outgrown clothes, shoes and toys at local sales or shops, definitely go through them ASAP and sign up at a local sale or make a drop-off appointment at your preferred consignment store.  While you're digging through their things, look over their summer clothes and make a list of what they need.  When you're faced with so many cute styles at the mall or tons of good deals at the consignment sale, it's good to have a list to stick to, so you don't over-buy. 

2. Review your closet too.  Time to store the heaviest sweaters and review your spring and summer clothes to make a list of what you need. All the spring and summer gear, even bathing suits, are out in full force at the stores.  Have wool coats and sweaters dry-cleaned before storing.

3. Replace your air filters. Your heat has been on all winter. Now is a great time to check and replace any dirty air filters.  If you have central air conditioning and haven't had the system checked in a while, schedule an HVAC inspection.

4. Learn about an inspirational woman. March is National Women’s History Month. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids about some historical women who were strong and courageous, like Malala Yousafzai, Eleanor Roosevelt or Rosa Parks.

5. Enjoy that extra hour of daylight. Starting Sunday, March 11, it will be dark again in the morning for early risers but we'll enjoy the sun for an hour longer each evening.  How will you spend that extra hour?  A walk with the family?  Maybe uncover the grill and enjoy some outdoor cooking? 

6. March 28: National Black Forest Cake Day. Now, Black Forest Cake is something to celebrate!  Here's a delicious recipe for Black Forest Pudding Cake from Macaroni Kid EATS.

7. Do your taxes. April 15 will be here before you know it. Schedule a date on your calendar to just do it and get it out of the way.

8. Check out a local maple syrup shack. March 17-18 is Massachusetts Maple Weekend.  See the official list of participating maple syrup producers, or our Maple Sugaring local guide.

9. Build good habits. With the sun, fresh air and warmer weather comes the desire to grow and strive for more.  There are great apps and books out there to help you get motivated for self-improvement.  Check out The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and the apps Fabulous, for adding healthy habits to your day, and Habitica, for goal motivation.

10. Make a garden plan. Will you be gardening this year, either in your yard or in containers?  Put together a quick list of what you plan to grow, when to start or buy seedlings or plant seeds, and what supplies you will need.  Here are our tips for a kid-friendly garden, and a how to make a gutter garden. No garden plans?  Check out a CSA program at a local farm instead.  Here's our 2016 Local CSA guide (we'll post an updated 2018 version soon).