Inexpensive Wine Delivered Right to My Door? Yes, Please!

Get a Special Macaroni Kid Deal now - $5.83 per bottle!

By Lindsay Flagan February 18, 2021

I am a sucker for two things - good wine and a good story.  When it comes to wine, there are SO many options and it is very easy to be overwhelmed.  Also so many questions - Red or white?  Dry or sweet?  Will cheap wine give me a headache?  Is it better to buy expensive wine?  Personally, I also seem to be tired and worn out after a long day or week when I am wanting a glass.... and dread dragging myself to the store.  Luckily, I was recently introduced to Naked Wines!  Naked Wines delivers quality wine right to your house.... not only that - they have such an amazing story!!

Here's what makes Naked Wines different.  With the support of 200,000 wine drinkers (called Angels), Naked Wines funds talented independent winemakers upfront. This way, they spend all of their attention making you the best wine possible so you can spend less on the cork and glass and more on the stuff you can taste.  Once you've paid for the best fruit and the best oak, the rest is just going on the Chateau-le-Ripoff brand name.  Great wine doesn't have to be expensive!

Sounds nice right?  But how exactly does it work?  In short, you pay $40 per month into your account.  When you are ready to order, you then have that $40 to spend on the wine of your choice.  All of the rip-off costs are cut out of the equation, you are just supporting the actual people that are making your wine.  Personally, I love to put together 6 packs of wine and mix some red and white.  I find myself letting my account accumulate up to $100 and then I get free shipping.  Naked Wines also emails their Angels exclusive deals from time to time and updates on new wines produced, so you can determine how you want to use the funds in your account.

I also love that you can check out a little about each winemaker while making your selections.  Click HERE to learn about Jacqueline Bahue.

Want to give it a try?  Naked Wines has curated a stunning 6 wine assortment of quality crafted reds, whites or a mix of both for just $34.99 - just so Macaroni Kid readers can try them out. That's $5.83 per bottle and includes shipping!  You will also get 30 days of Angel access so you can see what Naked Wines is all about.  You can cancel with no obligation!  CLICK HERE to sign up!