Camp Hawkeye: The Un-Traditional Sleepaway Camp for Ages 7-17

March 31, 2021

Camp Hawkeye is the un-traditional sleepaway camp for ALL HUMANS ages 7-17 with a commitment to creating a diverse community. 

With 70 campers and 40 staff, Camp Hawkeye is perfect for first time campers of any age. Camp Hawkeye includes campers and staff from a variety of social, ethnic, economic, religious, and geographic backgrounds. Hawkeye is different ~ with the feel of family and the healthy experience of the outdoors, Camp Hawkeye uses the joy and fun of camp to break down social and cultural prejudices, misconceptions and barriers.

Experience all the best parts of a New England summer camp with the added focus on community, diversity, leadership, and humanity. Kids have fun every day, make amazing friendships and gain independence through leadership opportunities. Located just 2 hours from Boston, Hawkeye is more than a camp ~ we’re a family.

The Hawkeye program is an intentional combination of regular and special programming. It includes small group and individualized instruction in areas such as Swimming, Archery, and Woodworking in addition to all-camp big idea activities that last from one hour to all day. Hiking and swimming are required and active positive participation in all activities is too. Ours is not a sitting around, hanging out, type of camp. Though there are scheduled down times, our goals include getting your son/daughter involved.  In addition, your older teen can enroll in the Camp Hawkeye Leadership Development Program, a two-year progressive experience.

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Camp Hawkeye

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