6 Easy Halloween Crafts & Activities For Your Kids

These inexpensive crafts and activities are sure to keep kids busy this Halloween season!

By Lacie Dooley, publisher of Macaroni Kid Athens, Ga. October 14, 2021

My family loves Halloween! It's so much fun dressing up, decorating, and playing games together. It's even more fun when you can create something that doesn't break the bank! 

Below are six Halloween crafts and activities that you can create together as a family, for just a few dollars:

1. Creature bowling

Repurpose old coffee cans and paint them to look like creatures! Any round container or can would work. For younger children, it is easiest to give them a stencil to work with while painting. For the mummy, you can use an old terry cloth and wrap it around the can. Add a ball to bowl with, and you've created a Halloween game!

2. Bats on the wall

Bats are an easy decoration to create! Use the printable to cut bats out of black cardstock paper. To give it a 3D look, fold the bat in the middle and top half of the wings in the opposite direction.

3. Spooky cauldron

There is nothing more fun then sticking your hand into cooked noodles to get a "prize." Eyeballs and spider rings are great toys to search for.

4. Ghost suckers

I made these a lot as a child, and it's become a family favorite! Wrap a sucker with a tissue, tie it, and add eyes. I used thread to tie mine, so it's not noticeable. These are also really fun to pass out on Halloween!

5. Monster playdough

My daughter loves to create creatures with playdough, so I gave her a few things to make it a monster. We used pipe cleaners for the arms and pom-pom balls for the feet and ears. Put all of the supplies in a plastic zipper bag, and you have a candy-free alternative to pass out for Halloween! The best part is seeing how creative she can get!

6. Ghost balloons

Create a 3D ghost with a balloon and streamers! Use a sharpie, stencils, or tape on pre-cut construction paper for the face. The streamers are easily attached to the balloon with tape.

Lacie Dooley is the publisher of Macaroni Kid Athens, Ga.