Discover Spring with a Color Hunt!

By Christel M Hoydic March 10, 2022

Welcome Spring with an outdoor activity that will have you discovering flowers, insects, worms, birds and more colorful signs of new beginnings!

During your next trip to the home improvement store, pick up a bunch of paint color cards. Punch a hole in the top of each card and place a ring through the holes to keep all your cards together. Punch a hole in the bottom of each color to help make it easier to discover and match colors.

Now get the kids together and go on a hike to discover signs of spring. This can be done anywhere, including your own backyard. Make it a goal to find at least one item from each color theme. Peek through the hole you punched at the bottom of each color to make a perfect match.

Keep track by making a list of your discoveries on the corresponding colors. You can make this a re-usable activity by covering the fronts of your paint color cards with clear contact paper and keeping your list with a dry erase marker.

Enjoy your time exploring when spring blooms!