How To Make A Beaded American Flag Pin

A great kid craft to show off patriotic pride!

By Deanna Sapata, publisher of Macaroni KID Glendale - Luke Air Force Base, Ariz. May 24, 2023

Want to show off your patriotic pride?

This beaded American flag pin is an easy craft project for all skill levels. All you need to make this beaded American flag pin are some safety pins and beads! 

Wear this beaded American flag pin as a tribute on Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, or any day.

Here's how to make it!

Beaded American Flag Pin

What you need:

  • Beads (red, white/clear, and blue)
  • Safety pins (medium to large)


  1. You may need more or fewer beads, depending on the sizes of your beads and safety pins. For the pin pictured, we counted out 25 small blue beads, 35 red beads, and 30 clear/white beads.
  2. Count out 11 safety pins.
  3. Using the image below for guidance, place beads on the table in the design of the flag. For the first 5 safety pins, I used 5 blue beads and then alternated 2 white and 2 red beads.
  4. For the last 5 safety pins, I alternated 5 red and 4 white beads.
  5. Add all pin ends through the last safety pin, according to the pattern, and twist them around to the back side of the safety pin.

THE PATTERN: B-Blue, W-White/clear, R-Red


This American flag pin design doesn't match the actual flag; instead, the bead count is set according to the size and the capacity of the safety pins.

Kids can wear their beaded flag American pins with pride, and even give them to friends or family as a special gift.

Deanna Sapata is the publisher of Macaroni KID Glendale - Luke Air Force Base, Ariz.

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