Accessible Adventures in Lexington: Exploring Fun for Everyone

By Laura Granato, Principal at Aventine, Hill, LLC April 12, 2024

Lexington, Massachusetts, steeped in rich history and vibrant culture, offers a plethora of recreational opportunities. But what if you have accessibility concerns? There is a range of inclusive spaces in and around this charming town that cater to individuals of all abilities, ensuring everyone can participate in the fun.

Cultural Experiences:

  • The Cary Library (Lexington): Knowledge and leisure go hand-in-hand at the Cary Library. Promoting accessibility for all, they offer a door-to-door delivery service for
     those with mobility limitations, a vast collection of audiobooks and large print materials, and magnifying sheets to enhance reading experiences.
  • Discovery Museum (Acton): Embrace discovery at the Discovery Museum with autism- friendly evenings and sensory-friendly afternoons. These specially designed programs provide a calming and welcoming environment for individuals with sensory sensitivities.
  • American Repertory Theater (Cambridge): Immerse yourself in the magic of live theater at the American Repertory Theater. Dedicated to inclusivity, the theater provides accessibility features like an infrared amplification system for the hard of hearing and large print programs for those with visual impairments.

Exploring the Outdoors:

  • Accessible Playgrounds (Lexington): Lexington's commitment to inclusivity extends to its playgrounds. Both Bridge and Harrington Elementary Schools boast accessible playgrounds with features like ramps, gentle slopes, and specialized swings, ensuring all children can enjoy the joys of play.
  • All Persons Trail (Belmont): Explore the beauty of nature on the All Persons Trail at Habitat. This ADA-compliant, half-mile loop features a wide, paved path ideal for wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility devices, allowing everyone to experience the serenity of the surrounding woodlands, meadows, and ponds.
  • Watertown Riverfront Park and Braille Trail (Watertown): Located just outside Lexington in Watertown, the Riverfront Park offers a unique sensory experience. Explore the touch, smell, and sound elements of the garden, and then embark on the quarter-mile Braille Trail. This interpretive trail includes guide wires and Braille signage, allowing individuals who are visually impaired to navigate and learn about the park's diverse plant life.
  • Parker Meadow Conservation Area (Lexington): Seeking a peaceful natural escape? Head to Parker Meadow, Lexington's first Universally Accessible conservation area. A stone dust path winds through the scenic landscape, leading to a viewing platform with stunning vistas of the pond. Accessible parking is also available for a convenient and enjoyable outing.
  • Drumlin Farm (Lincoln): Drumlin Farm provides a unique opportunity to connect with nature and learn about agriculture. The farm offers accessible pathways and events specifically designed for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Entertainment for All Ages:

  • Chuck E. Cheese (Everett): Let loose and enjoy classic family entertainment at Chuck E. Cheese. This iconic venue offers accessible play areas and designated sensory-sensitive hours, creating a more relaxed environment for individuals with sensory processing
  • AMC Sensory Friendly Films (Burlington): Catch the latest blockbuster or a heartwarming classic at AMC Theatres during their sensory-friendly film screenings. These showings feature reduced lighting, lower sound volume, and a relaxed environment for a more comfortable movie experience.
  • LEGOLAND Discovery Center (Somerville): Unleash your inner builder at LEGOLAND Discovery Center. They offer special sensory-sensitive times, allowing individuals with sensory sensitivities to enjoy the interactive exhibits and creative play in a more comfortable setting.

Planning Your Accessible Adventure:

  • When planning your visit, contact the venue or location beforehand to inquire about specific accessibility features and services.
  • Research parking options and accessible routes for a smooth and enjoyable experience.
  • Pack any necessary equipment or assistive devices you may need.

By following these tips and exploring the options listed above, you can embark on a fun-filled and accessible adventure in Lexington, Massachusetts. Inclusivity is at the heart of this vibrant community, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to create lasting memories and enjoy the best Lexington has to offer.

Laura Granato is Principal at Aventine Hill, LLC, a special needs concierge firm based in Westford, MA. Find out more about how Aventine Hill makes life easier for families with special needs at

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