Nearby Indoor Gardens To Visit in Winter

By Barbara Evangelista, Former Publisher October 25, 2023

A New England winter is long and cold, and sometimes it feels like warm weather and green leaves will never arrive. It may not be the same as a trip to a Caribbean beach but a visit to an indoor greenhouse will give you a chance to enjoy warmth, lush greenery and beautiful flowers (even fruit).  Surround yourself with plants and flowers and take heart that better weather is on its way.

If the kids are coming, be sure to check the website for rules regarding strollers.  It's also important to make sure the children understand that the plants can be admired but must not be touched (some plants may cause an allergic reaction or discomfort) or picked.  Most of these gardens have plants available for sale if you see a variety you particularly like.

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Lyman Estate Greenhouses
185 Lyman St
Waltham MA

Open Tuesday to Saturday, 9:30 AM to 4 PM, the Lyman Estate Greenhouses specialize in orchids, exotic plants, citrus, camellias and herbs.  Admission is free.

Wellesley College Greenhouses
106 Central St
Wellesley MA

The Greenhouses are currently closed for renovation and will hopefully re-open in Summer 2022. The greenhouses contain three different zones (desert, tropic and warm temperature) and areas focused on specific plants, such as begonias.  

Roger William Park's Botanical Center
1000 Elmwood Ave
Providence RI

Open year-round, the Botanical Center features four greenhouses with a wide variety of plants.  It's normally open Tuesdays to Sundays, 10 AM to 4 PM.  

Tower Hill Botanic Garden
11 French Dr
Boylston MA

Indoor gardens include the Limonaia, which features plants that need to winter in a sub-tropical environment, and the Orangerie, a cool temperate house with a glass roof that lets in abundant light.  If you want to brave the cold, the outdoor Winter Garden is sheltered and features plants with winter beauty and fountains.

Franklin Park Zoo's Tropical Forest
1 Franklin Park Rd
Dorchester MA

The Zoo's indoor Tropical Forest is filled with lush greenery and waterfalls... and exotic animals!  See lemurs, gorillas, hippos, snakes, crocodiles and much more and enjoy the warm tropical environment.

The Butterfly Place
120 Tyngsboro Rd
Westford MA

Walk along a winding pathway through a small conservatory filled with plants and beautiful butterflies.

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