Playground Guide: Jones Field Playground

This newly renovated playground has plenty of play structures for all ages and abilities

By Tessa D'Ippolito, Publisher May 1, 2023

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Jones Field Playground
54 Martin Street
Acton MA 01720 

Date Visited: Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Bathrooms: None 

Parking: Ample - Parking spots surrounding the park on Martin Street and Stow Street

Shade: None

Benches/Tables: Yes, four benches within the fenced in playground

Enclosure/Ground Cover: The playground is partially fenced with two entry points that remain open, providing the safety needed for being just off Martin Street. The ground cover is rubber, making it accessible to all.

Structure/Components: There are three separate play structures to enjoy. One swing structure that provides two basket swings (perfect for young toddlers), one accessibility swing, and 7 standard swings. 

Accessibility: Fully accessible playground for all ages and abilities. Rubber ground covering, accessibility swing, and a spinning play structure that's wheelchair accessible. Handicap parking available.

Additional Features:  Free library box and open field for running and exploring. 

Located on the corner of Martin and Stow Street in Acton, Jones Field is a newly renovated fully accessible playground that my kids and I love. Aside from Goward Playground (behind Acton Memorial Library), Jones Field is our families most frequently visited park. We love the three play structures that are perfect for children of varying ages, abilities, and play preferences.  

Jones Playground is fenced with two open accessible entrances. With two toddlers, I love a fenced playground. I always appreciate that added level of safety. However, if you have a world class sprinter, the open entrances may feel like not enough safety for your family. A paved path leads from the handicap parking onto the rubber ground covered playground. 

Jones Playground is designed for both older and younger children and has many wonderful elements that are accessible to all.  There is a toddler-friendly play structure, which includes a tunnel, slide, two climbing elements, drums, and a table. My two-year-old has explored this structure many times and always finds something new to engage with.


For young children, there is an incredible play structure with several well thought out elements. This structure includes monkey bars, a double slide, wobble bridge, rope climbing wall, and three climbing structures to access the higher platforms that lead to a large slide. 

The third structure is its own adventure. My kids and I call it "the obstacle course". This play structure has many unique climbing elements, made up of rope web designs to climb, cross, even swing on. Every part of this structure was designed with intention and can be used for play. If your kids like to climb, this structure is a must. 

Jones Playground has a large swing set for all ages and abilities. With two toddler bucket swings, one accessibility swing and seven standard swings, there is something for everyone. 

One of Jones Playgrounds most unique play structures is its spinning structure. This is always a hot spot every time we visit. Kids go wild to play on this merry-go-round like structure. With two small benches, room to stand, and wheelchair accessibility, it really is Jones Playgrounds greatest feature.


Jones Playground is quickly becoming a town favorite and is often full of children. That said, with the three well-spaced play structures and extra space within the fenced in grounds, it rarely feels too crowded. I find my kids tend to want to stay longer and are more engaged when there are more kids. Plus, with all the interesting elements to each play structure the kids stay entertained. What more can you ask for in a park?!

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