Playgrounds and Parks in the Acton-Lexington Area

July 15, 2021

Thanks for visiting our Playground Guide for the Acton-Lexington area!  This list includes playground and parks in Acton, Bedford, Boxborough, Carlisle, Concord, Lexington, Lincoln and Maynard.  

Know of other playgrounds in these towns that we missed?  Please email Barbara at

Click the bold links to see a detailed article about the playground, including descriptions and photos.  As you can see, we have quite a few local playgrounds for which we still need descriptions and photos.  If you would like to help out and write a paid overview of a local playground, please email Barbara at for writing guidelines and information.





  • Diment Park



  • Adams Playground, 751 Mass Ave.
  • Center Playground, 1625 Mass Ave 
  • Franklin Field, Allen St.
  • Garfield Park, Garfield St. 
  • Hastings Park, Worthen Rd & Mass Ave (park only, no playground)
  • Justin Park, Justin St.
  • Kinneen's Park, Burlington St.
  • Lincoln Park, Lincoln St. 
  • Marvin Park, 51 Marvin St.
  • Munroe School Tot Lot, 1403 Mass Ave. 
  • Old Reservoir Picnic Area, Marrett Rd
  • Rindge Playground, 27 Rindge Ave. 
  • Sutherland Woods, Sutherland Rd. 
  • Tower Park, approx 1250 Mass Ave (park only, no playground)
  • Willard's Woods, 44 North St (park only, no playground)


  • Ballfield Road Playgrounds, 6 Ballfield Rd.
  • Pierce Park, 17 Weston St (park only, no playground)


  • Reo Road 
  • Coolidge Playground, 41 Parker St

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